Agostin Custom Guitars was created with through tireless research and development. We have spent a countless amount of time on developing our new neck joint design, which brings us far beyond our competitors.

The experience gained in the last 20 years repairing and modifying guitars has given us a sense of what the musicians really want and need : an extremely dynamic guitar capable of creating tension and feeling with a simple touch of the fingers.

With Agostin Custom Guitars instruments all of this is possible thanks to our unique neck joint design. We made it full excess to the upper frets plus improving the stability of the whole structure. Our neck joints will support the body with no screws or glue, and once the neck is in its place, you can forget about moving it.

Great tone starts with great wood. We use nothing but the highest quality master grade tone woods available for our instruments. The materials are hand selected and "tap matched" to ensure a dynamic and acoustically alive instrument. In all, the pieces get a rough cut on CNC machines, and the rest of the work is defined by hand.

All guitars are finished in a nitro-cellulose lacquer to allow for maximum resonance with minimum finish buildup. For every single guitar, our ultimate goal is to create a truly extraordinary instrument that brings look, balance, tone and playability to a whole new level.